Twenty years ago, the Internet as we know it did not exist, save for a few early adopters. Most of these pioneers were men, with women comprising less than 1% of users. This rarity of women appeared to prompt unsolicited comments of a sexual nature, but as they were few and far between, the potential challenge seen today remained unacknowledged. However, just recently, Pew Internet Life reported that American use of the internet is at an all-time high of 73%. The result? Sexually- and racially-charged comments continue to reach new heights.

The Stop Online Violence Against Women Project, will kick start to raise awareness and funding to stop online harassment. SOVAW is a campaign to address inadequate laws and policies that lack protections for women. The focus is on online violence against women laws and policy change at the local and federal level. SOVAW will also serve as a resource of services and options for women based on their level of harassment or violence, and hopes to include diverse stories of women who are willing to share their experiences. It will highlight and include partnering organizations, legislators & companies who are working together to address this important issue. 


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