SDVS-Logo-4c-Red-Gradient-FinalIn the midst of a pandemic, it can be difficult to get into intimate and challenging conversations that communicate the importance of stopping digital voter suppression and how it can change the results of this election and all elections moving forward. However, although the socially distancing aspect of our lives is interfering with canvassing and intimate voter engagement, we would like to partner with you in ways to help you get out your messages, GOTV (Get Out The Vote), and help to make digital voter suppression a thing of the past.

How you can help

In addition to submitting your stories or images, we are hoping that you will help build the Stop Digital Voter Suppression™ Project into a nationwide movement. Share this campaign and ask your community to submit their stories and photos. In addition to asking them to report what they are experiencing, hearing, or seeing, we can also assist you and your organization to amplify your messages, and ensure that they get through to your members to help counter digital voter suppression measures.

Stop Online Violence Against Women Inc. was the first to document that no other group was targeted more than African American voters in 2018 Facebook Ads that Targeted Voters Centered on Black American Culture with Voter Suppression as the End Game and our second report identified active campaigns using digital voter suppression.

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