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SDVS-Logo-4c-Red-Gradient-FinalThe Stop Digital Voter Suppression™ Project is a grassroots reporting movement that will supplement our extensive data collection efforts with real-life experiences.

We want to hear your voices and experiences now and throughout the last few months leading up to the 2020 election. We want to document which tactics are being used to suppress YOUR vote and YOUR voice, so that we can supplement our extensive data collection efforts with additional real-life experiences.

From now until the end of the year, we will be collecting and sharing stories (anonymously, of course) with the goal of creating an evolving narrative around digital voter suppression. Our ultimate goal is to drive effective, enduring strategies to address national, state, local, and regional efforts to silence our voices and collective power, strategies that will be shared State leaders and those working toward providing a fair and safe election for everyone.

How you can help

In addition to submitting your stories or images, we are hoping that you will help build the Stop Digital Voter Suppression™ Project into a nationwide movement. Share this campaign and ask your community to submit their stories and photos. In addition to asking them to report what they are experiencing, hearing, or seeing, we can also assist you and your organization to amplify your messages, and ensure that they get through to your members to help counter digital voter suppression measures.

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Example videos about why we need you to join us!

Vox: Why Russia targets Black voters in US elections


Watch the video below on Roland Martin Unfiltered describing the project. 

The Trolls Are Back! Spreading Misinformation, Impersonating Blacks & Using COVID To Suppress Votes.