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Print Mother Jones 6/10/21 ~ Los Angeles Times 6/4/21 ~ The Atlantic 5/12/21 ~ The UK Times 5/11/21 ~ Los Angeles Times 4/20/21 ~ Forward 4/2/21 ~ The Denver Channel 3/29/21 ~ New York Times 3/10/21

Trump Is Gone But Women Of Colour Are Still Suffering ~ Huffington Post 1/29/21

Twitter wants your help fighting falsehoods. It’s risky, but it might just work ~ Fast Company 1/28/21

Elected officials faced relentless harassment and threats of violence this year — women got some of the worst of it ~ 19th News 12.30.20

Statement on Joining the Independent Facebook Oversight Board ~ Real Facebook Oversight Board 9/30/20

You are probably spreading misinformation. Here’s how to stop. ~ Washington Post 6/5/20

Coronavirus misinformation crosses divides to infect black social media ~ NBC News 5/2/20

Manipulation Machines, How Disinformation campaigns suppress the Black Vote  ~  Columbia Journalism Review Fall 2019

The Toxins We Carry Disinformation is polluting our media environment. Facts won’t save us. ~ Columbia Journalism Review Fall 2019

Bots in Blackface – The rise of fake black people on social media promoting political agendas ~ 50BlackEnterprise 8/22/19

Trolls use a little-known Twitter feature to swarm others with abuse, and their targets say Twitter hasn’t done much to stop it CNBC 6/9/19

‘Digital Blackface’: Pro-Trump Trolls Are Impersonating Black People on Twitter ~ Black Enterprise 5/8/19 ~ BuzzFeed News 2/27/19

The Fetid, Right-Wing Origins of “Learn to Code” ~ The New Republic 2/1/19

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Disinformation, domestic extremism, and the threat to democracy ~ Atlantic Council 1.28.21

Russians Are Using Twitter To Start That Race War ~ Act.TV 7.17.20

How Black Women & Girls Are Being Attacked Online ~ Now This News 2.19.19

Angelo Carusone on AM Joy: In order to combat white supremacy, tech companies must embrace a holistic approach to enforcing terms of service ~ MSNBC 5.5.19

Online election interference targeting blacks in 2016 continues ~ MSNBC 12.8.19

What Voter Suppression Looks Like Online ~ Vox

Fighting Back Against Disinformation and Digital Voter Suppression ~ Indivisible Plus Washington

How to Respond to Disinformation and Digital Voter Suppression ~ Indivisible Plus Washington

How to spot a Russian bot on Twitter
Russians Targeting African Americans segment #AMJoy
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DISINFORMED: Black women tried to tell you – There Are No Girls On The Internet Podcast Jan 28, 2021

Fighting for Equality in Tech with Shireen Mitchell of Stop Online Violence Against Women – The Great Battlefield Podcast

Two Pandemics in America, Momocrats

George Takei’s Oh Myyy Pod! Episode 5: ‘To Shame Or Not To Shame’, Sept. 18, 2019

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From Online Message Boards to Trump’s Tweets: How Fake News and Online Harassment are Threatening Our Democracy