Justice Alito's American Traditions

We collect data on disinformation targeting Black and Brown Communiites of Color. 50 of the 51 state laws cited were passed prior to women’s suffrage. But more importantly, a majority (31) were passed into law at the time of slavery when Black women were considered property, not only for financial means but also to support the feeding and birthing of their Master’s progeny. Alito relies on the subjugation of women in general and Black women in particular, to make an argument against the right to choose. But the argument extends well beyond reproductive rights.

HBCUs Oppressed by Autocratic State Legislation

Students attending HBCUs where the Venn diagram intersect have been dealt a triple threat, the perfect storm of the Right’s attempts to silence Black and Brown voices. There are 37 HBCUs in these six states alone.

Resources Online Violence and Harassment

Women report being personally harassed online much more frequently than men, with the gender gap skewing 57% women to 43% men across all age groups. Online harassment significantly affects its targets, with 29% of the harassed stating that they were scared for their life and 20%, afraid to leave their homes. 62% of people surveyed think the laws are not strong enough for online harassment.