Submission from Brooklyn to the Stop Digital Voter Suppression™ Project

One of our volunteer citizen reporters, Jennifer, of the Stop Digital Voter Suppression Project ™ (Brooklyn) informed us about mislabeled absentee ballots from her area. She first read about the issue in the Gothamist per this article:

Jennifer learned from the Gothamist report that Brooklyn ballots were being sent with incorrect/non-matching names and addresses between the inner and outer envelopes. 

But she soon witnessed a more personal impact directly from her own community. She writes:

My ballot is fine, but so far I have heard from one cousin and one friend (both of these are white women who live in liberal neighborhoods) that it happened to them. 

Thanks Jennifer for submitting what you learned voting issues from your community. Without a doubt, incorrect ballots can have a suppressive result on what votes ultimately get counted.

What about you? What have you or your voting peers witnessed?

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